Previous consultation

WPL introduced its proposals for the Wrexham Energy Centre in 2012. At that stage, a voluntary, non-statutory consultation was carried out to gather initial feedback on the concept of a CCGT power station on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Following the non-statutory consultation, further detailed technical and environmental assessment was carried out as well as design of the Wrexham Energy Centre Power Station Complex, as well as taking account of feedback provided during the non-statutory consultation, to prepare for statutory consultation.

Statutory consultation was carried out from 14 July to 24 August 2014. More detailconcerning the Wrexham Energy Centre and its Gas Connection was provided including a a Preliminary Environmental Information Report and its Non-Technical Summary.

In February 2016 a further update about the WEC was provided to all interested parties including the local community, which included an explanation about changes in the planning consenting process for the project resulting in two separate applications being made for different elements of the WEC. The update also provided confirmation that WPL will be submitting the relevant applications for the WEC in Spring 2016.

Consultation is an ongoing process and your views and feedback are welcome. You can comment on the Wrexham Energy Centre’s Power Station Complex Site or Gas Connection applications.